Saskatchewan experiences (modest) exodus

Posted on Thursday 23 June 2011

For the first quarter of 2011, Saskatchewan “lost” a net 593 residents to other provinces (immigrants – emigrants).  This does reverse a long  “positive” trend of inter provincial immigration over the previous 17 quarters, albeit a minor one, with 209 residents “gained” in the last quarter of 2010.  Saskatchewan still “grew” 0.2% in the quarter, on par with most of Canada, and below Alberta’s 0.4% increase in total population.  Still, this growth was split roughly 50:50 between the “natural birth rate” and “international immigration”.

Perhaps more concerning than the relatively minor loss of just under 600 more residents to other provinces than we gained in return, is Saskatchewan’s ongoing reliance on a high First Nation’s birth rate, and immigration from third world countries to grow our population.  The First Nation’s birth rate represents a huge opportunity, but also, huge challenge.  Immigration from the third world is more a reflection of laxer laws in Saskatchewan regarding bringing ones’ family over, and one would assume most of those living in abject poverty are moving to Saskatchewan  just because they can, not because they “prefer” it over other areas of Canada.

Just another reason Saskatchewan’s “boom” is more “hype” as an average 0.2% population increase, is jointly fueled by  international migration and births, and the “boom” days, of a whopping 200 people choosing to “move” to  Saskatchewan from Alberta, BC, Ontario etc. appear over.  Meanwhile, nearby Alberta gained 5300 residents from inter provincial migration alone, part of about 15,000 new residents over all.  The graph and links below tell it all…

National graph

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