Resident Doctors Lose Faith in Sask Party

Posted on Saturday 26 February 2011

News in the Star Phoenix that resident physicians have pulled their support from the “Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan”.  Not sure who the government is planning to target with their $3.5 million a year advertising budget then.  Not sure why the Sask Party government cannot see that their negative treatment of resident doctors, with no contract, and pay among the lowest in Canada, is a big part of the reason local medical graduates leave Saskatchewan for residency.

The Sask Party is obviously fouling up local medical graduate retention.  In 2010, over half the medical students graduating from the University of Saskatchewan left, the worst rate of retention in Canada.   Many blamed lack of a contract, and trying to pay off overwhelming debt on $10 an hour in Saskatchewan, while Manitoba, with a lower cost of living, pays substantially more (as does BC, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick).  Now, news that Saskatchewan’s resident doctors don’t support its retention strategy?  Citing lack of a plan after 2 years.  Citing a $2 an hour pay raise for 300 or so residents, that would cost less than the annual $3.5 million ad budget the Sask Party has to advertise to new doctors to stay…

The Sask Party’s actions seem down right hypocritical.  To state that “retention of local medical gradutes is a priority” but to refuse to pay them at the Canadian average, to refuse to pay them back pay, and to have more money for commercials, than to bump their 300 or so debt ridden residents above minimum wage… no wonder medical students would rather leave, than do residency in Saskatchewan!

And let’s not forget that Saskatoon is now the “most expensive city on the prairies” to live…

At least the media is finally holding the Sask Party to account for their hypocritical stance on physician recruitment and retention

Star Phoenix Editorial

Star Phoenix Article on Withdrawal of Support

Global TV News Article on Resident Awareness Day, and McMorris Cancelling

The worst part?  Don McMorris got away with blaming it on the U of S!  Too bad for him he’s finally being taken to task by the media, for neglecting and mistreating this large group of young doctors, 300 doctors who would stay in Saskatchewan, save for their disdain for the Sask Party and the treatment they’ve received while putting in long shifts to help the citizens of Saskatchewan.

2 Comments for 'Resident Doctors Lose Faith in Sask Party'

    March 11, 2011 | 12:48 pm

    I lost faith in Don McMorris as Health Minister a long time ago.
    The Sask Party is lucky with all that resource revenue, not smart, not dumb.
    But McMorris?

    The guy is either very dishonest, or has no clue what’s going on.

    Saskatchewan has the fewest family doctors in all of Canada, fewer than Nunavut per capita, Saskatchewan can’t fill its residency spots, with a so called “record” among the worst in Canada, and residents are telling him “it’s because you are treating us poorly, have no plan, and pay among the lowest in Canada” and he stills plays dumb!

    Saskatchewan will continue to have trouble retaining local medical grads, unless McMorris leaves, or changes his attitude.

    Training 100 med students a year, to keep 50 to 60 is an awful expensive way of doing it, why not just treat the previous 60 grads welll enough that 50 will actually stay?

    November 30, 2011 | 10:58 pm

    Hey, you’re editorial link is outdated. Here is the current link. For the Star Phoenix Editorial on the Sask Party and McMorron angering residents during the PAIRS bargaining

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