Saskatchewan Still Most Violent in Canada

Posted on Tuesday 21 July 2009

Despite a drop in violent crime, Saskatchewan still leads all Canadian provinces in “Police-reported Crime Severity Index” according to Statistics Canada Tuesday, July 21, 2009.¬†¬†significantly higher than BC, Alberta or scary Manitoba (which saw a bigger drop in violent crime) and over double that of Ontario.

We see Regina and Saskatoon again leading in Violent crime, though Regina is back to #1 and Saskatoon falls from #1 to #2 in Canada in violent crime.  Still, Saskatoon has more violent crime than: Winnipeg, Abbotsford, Thunder Bay, double Hamilton! and nearly triple Toronto!

Sure everyone here will break out the “per capita” apologist line and talk about how scary Toronto is, but by the Saskatoon Police Forces own data, Saskatoon is 2nd in Canada to only Regina in Violent crime (dropping to #3 in total crime behind Abbotsford once property and minor crimes are considered).

Violent Crime

#1 Regina #2 Saskatoon #3 Winnipeg #4 Edmonton #5 Vancouver

Total Crime

#1 Regina #2 Abbotsford #3 Saskatoon #4 Kelowna #5 Winnipeg

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