Stamps whine a way to win

Posted on Sunday 23 November 2008

So after all their complaining, the Calgary Stampeders led largely by defence (ie not Burris) found a way to win a close 96th Grey Cup over Montreal.  Too bad, as Calgary complained all year about not getting recognition, threw stuff at fans, and took a lot of cheap shots and did a lot of hot dogging.  The win does nothing to detract from Calvillo, who during the regular season threw 4 more touch downs, 600 more yards and one less pick than Burris to be the better player.  Though today, Calgary WAS the better overall TEAM, although other than DeAngelis, were really no stand outs.  After Burris’ play in the West final, I’d still say Calgary even making it to the Grey Cup in the first place was in spite of him, not because of.

Just too bad this is going to validate all their complaining.  They had a LOT of above average players, but never the best.  In the end, the deepest team in the CFL won, which makes sense, it also makes sense that those other better players on less well rounded teams were recognized for individual effort!

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