scouped Leader Post 3+ months ago!

Posted on Monday 27 October 2008

An article in the Leader Post October 23rd, 2008, claims “Saskatoon replaces Regina as Canada’s murder capital”

Well … all the way back on June 17, 2008, had already broken the same story, with a comment claiming “Congrats Saskatoon for stealing Regina’s title to tie as ‘Murder Capital of Canada’!” this was based on a virtual tie of Saskatoon (3.6/100,000 and Winnipeg 3.55/100,000).  The comment was based on a link to a statistics Canada website for the 2007 numbers … available to the bench as of June 17 th.

Is this really “news”?  Was it a slow news day for the Leader Post?  It was their Front Page Story!!  Yet, on information that was available from Statistics Canada, and from the bench, over 3 months!! before they chose to publish it.

Link to our June 17 post under comments, declaring Saskatoon murder capital and Regina Crime Capital of Canada for 2007

Link to the much later Leader Post story which basically says the same thing

Maybe the “Leader” Post is a bit of a misnomer!!

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    January 17, 2009 | 7:26 pm

    […] Not a safe city, and aside from its nice river park, the rest is quite dingy, dated and dirty. The Bench ? scouped Leader Post 3+ months ago! Table(s) Saskatoon, tops in Robbery, Homicide and Total Violent Crime for 2007 Saskatoon is a […]

    January 21, 2009 | 12:27 am

    2007 Number, Violent Crimes (Rape, Robbery, Assault, Murder, etc)

    Saskatoon 1,612 / 100,000
    Regina 1,478 /100,000
    Winnipeg 1,082 /100,000
    Edmonton 1,031 /100,000
    Vancouver 989 /100,000
    Calgary 712 /100,000

    AND Saskatoon led in both murder AND robbery 272 /100,000 (ie over 500) the two singled out types of violent crime

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