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Star Phoenix Admits Saskatoon House Prices ‘Tumble’

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The January 6th Star Phoenix title on the cover states “house prices tumble” and the story touches on the December average price down $44,000 from June high. A refreshing change from other media outlets, CTV, which are stil pointing out “year over year” price gains, completely ignoring that the peak was half a year ago, […]

Alberta’s growth = Saskatchewan total population

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So, all this hype about Saska”boom”, with the most recent booster news releases pointing out that at 1,020,000 Saskatchewan has equalled its 1989 population!  Not sure how a net gain of Zero necessitates house prices doubling in 2 years in Saskatoon, or how construction can’t keep up – with the population staying the same.  Or […]

The Bench Scoupes Leader Post, Again

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So it seems the Leader Post is spinning consistent Stats Can data similar to that from last month. “Wages and job numbers in Saskatchewan continue to climb” Dec 22, 2008 based on the same Statistics Canada data The Bench ( covered all the way back on Dec 1, 2008 which itself was based on a […]

News Talk Radio Censors Cautious Advice

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News Talk Radio has recently become a glorified ad agency for Remax and Saskatoon housing, giving big press to Remax’s “Housing Outlook” for 2009, a document far more optimistic than any objective forecast. News Talk coverage plays like a virtual commercial.  One sided view points to the point of potentially misleading the public.  News Talk […]

Saskatchewan Provincial Deficit Possibility

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A story on the CBC states that a 2009 provincial deficit is a real possibility with falling resource prices, lead by a plummetting oil price.  Maybe Saskatchewan isn’t so set to weather the economic down turn in Canada…  Makes it pretty tough to justify Saskatoon’s sky high housing prices.

Saskatchewan consumers spend beyond means

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More evidence that Saskatchewan consumers are spending more than they should, the most recent Statistics Canada data has wages in Saskatchewan (to Sept 2008) continuing to trail Ontario, Alberta and BC and wage growth trailing that of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and New Brunswick, with Saskatchewan’s average wage growth at exactly the national average.  This mediocre income […]

Sign Saskatchewan’s Economy is in More Trouble?

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“Alberta offers royalty-rate discount to stimulate new oil drilling ” Alberta is offering discounts on royalty rates to encourage drilling of new oil wells.  This is bad for Saskatchewan because it both takes away Saskatchewan’s competitive advantage, and shows the Alberta government’s pessimistic out look for the oil industry in the near future.  Saskatchewan will […]

Proof the Saskatoon housing boom is Dead

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“BUY THIS HOME AND INCLUDED IS A NEW 2009 DODGE CALIBER FREE!” That’s hilarious!  Buy a home, get a car!  Reminds me of 0% finance, free trips etc. that auto makers use to sell undesirable products.  Seriously, this link/ad is so funny it’s worth a look!!  Tough to pretend Saskatoon’s housing market is strong […]

Saskatoon Real Estate Prices on the Way Down

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Perhaps the best indicator of the strength of a real estate market and cost of what’s available, Saskatoon’s housing and condo markets accelerate their down ward trend of price per square foot.  While the bloated housing market seems to have stabilized, condo listings continue to grow, while condo sales are still falling.  (Click the graph […]

Saskatoon Median Family Income Sub Par

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After the Saska”boom” median family incomes in Saskatoon still trail the rest of Alberta, Saskatchewan, by a lot!! Saskatoon $76,600 Regina $82,300 Edmonton $87,300 Calgary $90,700 So, a Saskatoon family, with house prices an average of about $50,000 more than Regina, earns about $5,700 less every year.  $10,700 less a year than Edmonton, also cheaper […]