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Saskatoon Housing More Expensive Than Edmonton

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The “average home price” in Saskatoon exceeded $330,000 in October 2011.  This is above the average home price in Edmonton and nearly $50,000 more than the average home price in Regina, both with higher average weekly wages than Saskatoon.  Winnipeg housing is far cheaper, around $90,000 cheaper, though wages there are less on average than […]

Saskatchewan experiences (modest) exodus

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For the first quarter of 2011, Saskatchewan “lost” a net 593 residents to other provinces (immigrants – emigrants).  This does reverse a long  “positive” trend of inter provincial immigration over the previous 17 quarters, albeit a minor one, with 209 residents “gained” in the last quarter of 2010.  Saskatchewan still “grew” 0.2% in the quarter, […]

Saskatchewan economy below average

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Saskatchewan’s economy shrunk 3.9% in 2009 – substantially worse than a 2.5% contraction nationally. Manitoba on the other hand broke even.  In fact, Alberta and Newfoundland were the only 2 provinces to perform worse than Saskatchewan. Not that bad… but weren’t all the local media types, and politicians, claiming Saskatchewan would continue to “lead” Canada […]

Saskatoon remains “Seriously Unaffordable”

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Saskatoon remains “seriously unaffordable” according to ” the 6th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey” 2010.  Affordability is based on a multiplier, that is the years of the median income used to pay for the median priced house. “historically…. median house prices being generally 3.0 or less times median household incomes”.  Saskatoon currently stands at […]

Not surprisingly, Alberta has lowest taxes

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Alberta had the lowest taxes in Canada last year, followed by New Brunswick @ #2 and Saskatchewan at #3. This is on top of Alberta having the highest average weekly incomes in Canada, highest income growth in Canada (ie spreading the Alberta Advantage) and surprisingly affordable housing in most communities including Edmonton, especially after […]

The Alberta Advantage Widens… Further

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As recently as January 2009, the Alberta Advantage stands at over $150 a week! Alberta wage growth continues to out pace Saskatchewan.  Not only is the weekly average income, at $955, higher in Alberta than Saskatchewan’s $802, but to the end of January 2009, Alberta’s wages grew by 7.9%, well above Saskatchewan’s 6.3% year over […]

Saskatoon House Average/Median/etc all down

( Economy andhousing andnews ) Wow, almost surprising it came so soon.  Everything is down year over year. Just have a look at the graph!

Saskatoon Real Estate Down YOY

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Saskatoon’s “new housing price index” is down 2.7% from January 2008 to January 2009. Meanwhile, Regina’s “new housing price index” is up 21.7% for the same period. Year over year price drop in Saskatoon?  Inventory still growing?  Big layoffs?  Apparently Regina, not Saskatoon, is doing better of the two Saskatchewan cities housing wise.  Then again, […]

Saskatoon Canada’s Most Dangerous City

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Saskatoon is Canada’s most dangerous city according to Maclean’s. Regina is all the way down to number 3.   For all the “per capita” apologists, the safest cities in Canada are Smaller than Saskatoon/Regina.  And Saskatoon/Regina Consistently are the most dangerous, violent, etc. by various methods in subsequent years.  Saskatchewan is typically most violent, crime […]

Saskatoon housing among least affordable

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According to a recent study by the Frontier Centre “Saskatoon is classified as seriously unaffordable, with a survey rating or “median multiple” of 4.6 [years of median income to buy the median priced house]. It is ranked 182nd on a list of 265 international cities, and 27th in Canada.” This is interesting, as prices […]