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Resident Doctors Lose Faith in Sask Party

( Misc andnews )

News in the Star Phoenix that resident physicians have pulled their support from the “Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan”.  Not sure who the government is planning to target with their $3.5 million a year advertising budget then.  Not sure why the Sask Party government cannot see that their negative treatment of resident doctors, with no […]

Sask Loses Over Half its New Doctors

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In 2010, Saskatchewan lost over half of its local medical graduates, 33 of 59 left the province, the worst retention rate in Canada! Saskatchewan loses more of its local medical graduates than any other province, leading to over 1/3 of its residency spots being left vacant.  This may be in part to Saskatchewan paying its […]

Saskatoon remains “Seriously Unaffordable”

( Economy andhousing andnews )

Saskatoon remains “seriously unaffordable” according to ” the 6th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey” 2010.  Affordability is based on a multiplier, that is the years of the median income used to pay for the median priced house. “historically…. median house prices being generally 3.0 or less times median household incomes”.  Saskatoon currently stands at […]

Saskatchewan Still Most Violent in Canada

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Despite a drop in violent crime, Saskatchewan still leads all Canadian provinces in “Police-reported Crime Severity Index” according to Statistics Canada Tuesday, July 21, 2009. significantly higher than BC, Alberta or scary Manitoba (which saw a bigger drop in violent crime) and over double that of Ontario. We see Regina and Saskatoon again leading in […]

Regina Dome a Reality? Possibility?

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A government sponsored concept study is suggesting Regina build a domed stadium, and that in the long run, a facility useable for 12 months of the year is actually the financially feasible option.  Will Regina build the dome?  Will Pat Fiasco put a practice bubble over Taylor Field’s turf in the winter, which would preclude concerts […]

Congrats to Bairu!

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Congrats to Bairu, for being Canada’s 5,000 m track champion.  Awesome to have a national champion from Regina! “Simon Bairu, a four-time Canadian cross-country champion, took the lead with three laps remaining in the men’s 5,000 metres and went on to capture his first national track title on the opening day of the Canadian athletics […]

Saskatchewan finally reigns in spending

( Economy andnews )

It looks like the recession is finally in Saskatchewan, or at least consumers have finally realized that double digit year over year sales increases just weren’t sustainable, or a bit of both.  Retail sales are down 4.6% in Saskatchewan year-over-year to May 2009.  Probably reasonable.  Some of that is likely due to some cut backs […]

Saskatchewan students tie for last in history

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A study from the Dominion Institute (a Toronto based think tank) has Saskatchewan tied for last in history education, with a grade of “F”.  Wouldn’t be so bad, if we didn’t already trail the majority of Canada (including Alberta and BC) in math and reading…

SK Govt releases Restaurant Inspections Online

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The Government of Saskatchewan created a new web page that will allow people to look up restaurants and see their health inspection reports. The web page just launched today and as of right now it seems like it is just preliminary as not all restaurants seem to have reports available. If anyone sees a really […]

Manitoba has Lowest Unemployment in Canada

( Economy andnews )

At 4.6%, Manitoba has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Canada.  Lower than Saskatchewan.  Lower than Alberta.  Just some more doubt that Saskatchewan is really THE trend setter in Canada economy wise.