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Concise video summarizes safety of vaccines

( Health Care andnews andSchool )

A good video, summarizing the massive volume of literature confirming the safety of vaccination with no link to autism, and showing the evidence on a nice visual time line. Video Link

Android accounts for most mobile malware

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Apple may have the big security blunders, but apparently Android accounts for the vast majority of the mobile malware out there according to ZD Net. And Android phones become more susceptible over time with updates. Makes you think a BlackBerry isn’t such a bad idea after all eh? Apple may account for next to […]

Apple iPhone Security Breach Found

( Economy andnews )

News reports are trickling through tech blogs, but it appears iOS 7 has a big security weakness. German experts were able to crack the finger print iPhone security feature simply with the aid of a cell phone camera. Now on the one hand, doubt national security rests on iPhone (Obama has a BlackBerry) and owners […]

Enso = Good Sushi in Regina’s East End

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The opening of “Enso” brings a good sushi restaurant to Regina’s east end. It’s a bit hidden away, on Quance, but easy to find when you’re looking for it. Would definitely recommend it, had good food there a couple times, despite being in a strip mall, it has nice, modern décor and is reasonably priced. […]

Saskatchewan Deficit at $304 Million

( Economy andnews )

The Provincial Auditor’s Office has announced that Saskatchewan is facing a $304 Million deficit – its third straight, not the small $25 Million surplus the Sask Party has announced.  This is looking at Saskatchewan’s “summary financial statement”, the same way all the other provinces, and the feds, do their accounting.  So other provinces could be in “surplus” […]

Saskatoon Housing More Expensive Than Edmonton

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The “average home price” in Saskatoon exceeded $330,000 in October 2011.  This is above the average home price in Edmonton and nearly $50,000 more than the average home price in Regina, both with higher average weekly wages than Saskatoon.  Winnipeg housing is far cheaper, around $90,000 cheaper, though wages there are less on average than […]

Saskatchewan experiences (modest) exodus

( Economy andhousing andnews )

For the first quarter of 2011, Saskatchewan “lost” a net 593 residents to other provinces (immigrants – emigrants).  This does reverse a long  “positive” trend of inter provincial immigration over the previous 17 quarters, albeit a minor one, with 209 residents “gained” in the last quarter of 2010.  Saskatchewan still “grew” 0.2% in the quarter, […]

Residents Grudgingly Accept Contract

( Health Care andnews andSchool )

NEWS Resident doctors in Saskatchewan have Grudgingly accepted the latest financial offer from the Ministry of Health via the University of Saskatchewan.  This is after being without a contract for approximately 28 months,   including the first 23  months, where the Government of Saskatchewan refused to negotiate or even meet with the residents.  In fact, despite a […]

Saskatchewan Budget Kind of Mediocre

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Yes, the budget is not bad.  It has a very small $50 million surplus.  It decreases taxes a bit for lower income earners.  Yet, it does nothing to address issues with housing, with a paltry $1.7 million allocated, it does nothing to address the shortage of doctors in Saskatchewan, with resident doctors still not being […]

Saskatchewan gets D in retention

( Economy andnews andSchool )

For 2011, Saskatchewan is again losing almost half of its newly graduated medical doctors The government of Saskatchewan is touting the 2011 CaRMS match as a record, but their claims are misleading.  Of 72 graduates from Saskatchewan, 42 matched to Saskatchewan to start residency next year.  By our calculations, that’s 58% retention of local medical graduates.  […]