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Saskatchewan finally reigns in spending

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It looks like the recession is finally in Saskatchewan, or at least consumers have finally realized that double digit year over year sales increases just weren’t sustainable, or a bit of both.  Retail sales are down 4.6% in Saskatchewan year-over-year to May 2009.  Probably reasonable.  Some of that is likely due to some cut backs […]

SK Govt releases Restaurant Inspections Online

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The Government of Saskatchewan created a new web page that will allow people to look up restaurants and see their health inspection reports. The web page just launched today and as of right now it seems like it is just preliminary as not all restaurants seem to have reports available. If anyone sees a really […]

Manitoba has Lowest Unemployment in Canada

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At 4.6%, Manitoba has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Canada.  Lower than Saskatchewan.  Lower than Alberta.  Just some more doubt that Saskatchewan is really THE trend setter in Canada economy wise.

Not surprisingly, Alberta has lowest taxes

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Alberta had the lowest taxes in Canada last year, followed by New Brunswick @ #2 and Saskatchewan at #3. This is on top of Alberta having the highest average weekly incomes in Canada, highest income growth in Canada (ie spreading the Alberta Advantage) and surprisingly affordable housing in most communities including Edmonton, especially after […]

The Alberta Advantage Widens… Further

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As recently as January 2009, the Alberta Advantage stands at over $150 a week! Alberta wage growth continues to out pace Saskatchewan.  Not only is the weekly average income, at $955, higher in Alberta than Saskatchewan’s $802, but to the end of January 2009, Alberta’s wages grew by 7.9%, well above Saskatchewan’s 6.3% year over […]

Saskatoon House Average/Median/etc all down

( Economy andhousing andnews ) Wow, almost surprising it came so soon.  Everything is down year over year. Just have a look at the graph!

Saskatoon Real Estate Down YOY

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Saskatoon’s “new housing price index” is down 2.7% from January 2008 to January 2009. Meanwhile, Regina’s “new housing price index” is up 21.7% for the same period. Year over year price drop in Saskatoon?  Inventory still growing?  Big layoffs?  Apparently Regina, not Saskatoon, is doing better of the two Saskatchewan cities housing wise.  Then again, […]

Federal Debt Clock

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Kind of pessimistic but haven’t posted anything in a while and kind of interesting. Still $13,000 of debt per Canadian, after over a decade of paying down debt!

Federal Budget Passes

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Ignatieff approved the Conservative Budget, with the addition of requiring a quarterly update by the Conservatives to ensure they are actually delivering on their budget promises. Surprisingly devoid of goodies for Saskatchewan. Amazing that we have less clout with 11 Tory MP’s than we did when Goodale was finance minister, and the sole Liberal […]

Regina’s Evraz lays off 125

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Less than the 1,000’s from Saskatoon area Potash and Uranium companies, but still not good news.