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Well done spoof link for Federal Election

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“You’ve got to remember that west of Winnipeg the ridings the Liberals hold are dominated by people who are either recent Asian immigrants or recent migrants from eastern Canada: people who live in ghettoes and who are not integrated into western Canadian society.” [editor’s comment: Isn’t Goodale the Liberal MP for East Regina?] – Stephen […]

Research: NO link between vaccines and autism

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Previous population studies, some with hundreds of thousands of individuals vaccinated or not, had shown NO increase in autism rates in the general population when vaccinated.  This study looked specifically at children with certain gastrointestinal disorders, examining samples from their GI tract, and found their was no difference between autistic and non-autistic children with the same […]

Saskatoon Fireworks Festival This Weekend

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Nice way to welcome the new school year in Saskatoon!

Saskatoon housing most over valued in Canada!

( Misc andSchool )  “Published: Friday, August 08, 2008 Saskatoon’s houses are the most overvalued in the country, as much as 50 per cent more expensive than they should be, says a report by Merrill Lynch.  Regina is the second-most overvalued, at about 48 per cent, says the firm’s economic commentary. It evaluated 21 cities from Halifax to Victoria.  […]

A good reason not to go to Western Christian

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Saskatoon’s population DROPS 2,000

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Saskatoon’s population is down 2,000 since January 2007.  May help to explain the increase in housing inventory, from mere hundreds early this year, to almost 2,000 on MLS and Saskhouses combined today.  Saskatoon residents cashing out?  Moving to now CHEAPER Okanagan (okay the north part only) or Abbotsford to retire?  Or cashing out at peak, and moving […]

Saskatchewan Tops in Crime … Again

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“Among the provinces, Saskatchewan once again reported the highest overall crime rate as well as the highest violent crime rate [for 2007]”  Saskatoon led Canada in violent crime in 2006, likely to be Saskatoon or Regina again for 2007.

Pre-Canada Day BBQ

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BBQ at Nick’s (White City) Saturday June 28, start about 530 PM with rider game on the TV.  Fireworks/firepit to follow.  Email him for invite, details and to make your choice of date. If you don’t have his email, you’re not invited.

Greenall boys beat alumni

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Congrats to the senior boys’ soccer team, which beat the Greenall alumni 4 – 3 in a close Alumni game contest Sat. June 7.  Good times despite cold weather and damp conditions.  Thanks to Mr. Moore for organizing this yearly event, and everyone who made it out.  The alumni now trail the 4 time annual event, […]

Greenall Alumni Soccer Game Saturday June 7

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Saturday, June 7 at 6:00 PM at Emerald Park Field.  BBQ and drinks to follow. Check out greenall soccer facebook group for further info.  All welcome to watch game, and to BBQ, $5 fee for BBQ or to play (alumni team or current players team) as fundraiser.  Alumni should contact Mr. Moore at Greenall school […]