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Annual Alumni Soccer Game

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Annual Greenall Alumni Soccer Game, Sunday June 14 th 2 PM, at Emerald Park Field. Talk to Moore at Greenall to RSVP to play, all welcome to come out and watch. Ice House after for beers and bonding for fans.

Congrats to Belof!

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Congratulations to Chris Belof on being a U of M valedictorian!

The Bench Guys’ Night Out

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7 PM Thursday Dec 4 @ Bushwackers on Dewdney. scouped Leader Post 3+ months ago!

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An article in the Leader Post October 23rd, 2008, claims “Saskatoon replaces Regina as Canada’s murder capital” Well … all the way back on June 17, 2008, had already broken the same story, with a comment claiming “Congrats Saskatoon for stealing Regina’s title to tie as ‘Murder Capital of Canada’!” this was based on […]

Health Quality Council Hospital Ratings Online

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“For the first time in Saskatchewan, official information about the quality of hospital care has been posted on the internet. The data, collected by the province’s Health Quality Council, covers a range of performance measures, from the cleanliness of washrooms to noises at night. Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital scored poorly in both those categories” From […]

Riding by Riding Election Results

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Neat link find your riding

Saskatoon Median House Prices Falling

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Saskatoon Median House Prices Continue Downward Trend As would be expected with continued slow local sales, falling oil prices, falling Potash Corp stocks the worst on the TSX and predictions of a Canadian wide housing correction, Saskatoon’s median house price has been progressively falling each month since June.  The median is a better measure of […]

Conservatives new Teflon Party

( Misc andSchool ) The Conservatives added moderately to their minority government, winning 143 seats in the October 14th federal election, 12 short of a majority.  Still, in many ways it was surprising they were able to obtain this, despite Harper denying the economy was in trouble, days before the biggest drop on the TSX in history, then […]

Anesthesia Job Description

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Canadian Food Safety at Issue

( Misc andnews andSchool )  Basically, the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) accuses the current Conservative government of dropping the ball and lowering food safety standards from previous governments, as well as taking no action on the listeria outbreak to prevent similar problems elsewhere.