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Android accounts for most mobile malware

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Apple may have the big security blunders, but apparently Android accounts for the vast majority of the mobile malware out there according to ZD Net. And Android phones become more susceptible over time with updates. Makes you think a BlackBerry isn’t such a bad idea after all eh? Apple may account for next to […]

Enso = Good Sushi in Regina’s East End

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The opening of “Enso” brings a good sushi restaurant to Regina’s east end. It’s a bit hidden away, on Quance, but easy to find when you’re looking for it. Would definitely recommend it, had good food there a couple times, despite being in a strip mall, it has nice, modern décor and is reasonably priced. […]

Resident Doctors Lose Faith in Sask Party

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News in the Star Phoenix that resident physicians have pulled their support from the “Physician Recruitment Agency of Saskatchewan”.  Not sure who the government is planning to target with their $3.5 million a year advertising budget then.  Not sure why the Sask Party government cannot see that their negative treatment of resident doctors, with no […]

Sask Loses Over Half its New Doctors

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In 2010, Saskatchewan lost over half of its local medical graduates, 33 of 59 left the province, the worst retention rate in Canada! Saskatchewan loses more of its local medical graduates than any other province, leading to over 1/3 of its residency spots being left vacant.  This may be in part to Saskatchewan paying its […]

SK Govt releases Restaurant Inspections Online

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The Government of Saskatchewan created a new web page that will allow people to look up restaurants and see their health inspection reports. The web page just launched today and as of right now it seems like it is just preliminary as not all restaurants seem to have reports available. If anyone sees a really […]

Boycott Pharmacies Selling Tobacco!

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“Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada say pharmacies that sell cigarettes are profiting from death and disease” from today’s Leader Post. I think this makes a good case for boycotting ANY pharmacy that sells tobacco if there is another option available. For pharmacies to pretend to be “health” professionals is completely bogus if they are selling […]

Stamps whine a way to win

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So after all their complaining, the Calgary Stampeders led largely by defence (ie not Burris) found a way to win a close 96th Grey Cup over Montreal.  Too bad, as Calgary complained all year about not getting recognition, threw stuff at fans, and took a lot of cheap shots and did a lot of hot […]

Health Quality Council Hospital Ratings Online

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“For the first time in Saskatchewan, official information about the quality of hospital care has been posted on the internet. The data, collected by the province’s Health Quality Council, covers a range of performance measures, from the cleanliness of washrooms to noises at night. Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital scored poorly in both those categories” From […]

Goodale for Prime Minister?

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Ralph Goodale should run for the Liberal leadership.  He is well respected, from Regina so gives instant credibility and voice to western Canada, was former finance minister with a boom during the last US economic down turn – so gives instant credibility on the economy, and is a strong, well spoken leader (more so than Dion, […]

Riding by Riding Election Results

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Neat link find your riding