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Greenall Alumni Soccer Game 2007

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Saturday June 9, 2007 All fans welcome, information on sidebar.  Contact Moore if you want to play.

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So just from one of the ads on the side of this website has some hilariously gimmicky products.  Worth a look just to see some of the stuff they sell.  Then again, a portable folding bench may not be a bad idea sometimes…

Beckham to Play in US for LA

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David Beckham will play for the Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS in the US this August. His deal is reportedly worth $250 million over 5 years. He is only 31, but arguably past the prime of his career.  After the public made such a stink about A Rod making the same $250 millon over 10 years (half […]

Beer Night Saturday Dec. 9 at Shark Club $10 Circle Dr. N

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Typical All the Beer you can drink in ~2 hours rule (multiple kegs), $10, on 310 Circle Drive North Behind Sandman/Denny’s (Saskatoon) good pre-game for the Pat or Bailey’s (or even Ryly’s) if you’re looking to bar star it up that night, Supports Soccer in Saskatoon and should be a good party/excuse to come up to […]

Griffin Invitational Soccer Tourney

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This Saturday, Sept. 30.  Features Greenall Senior and Junior Boys Soccer Teams, Estevan and Luther.  Prizes for best fans available.  Emerald Park Field, why not stop by on the way into/out of town?  For more details email .

Soccer Ends

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So unfortunately, an Adrenaline roster depleted by injury, inappropriate suspension, school (in Saskatoon) and just plain poor attendance, went from the number one ranked team to obsolete, fielding 7 players to start a losing effort to the far inferior 8th ranked Diablos in a shoot out.  Go Greenall Boys and make sure you make all […]

Upcoming Games

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Adrenaline’s next two soccer games are against one of the teams we are fighting for first place as the season shifts to the south end (Sheldon).  Hope to get a good turnout, also a great chance to buy cabaret tickets (see post below).  Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:30 PM Sheldon Regina Pumas Adrenaline Thu Jul […]

World Cup Highlights (featuring Zidane)

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The already infamous clip from the World Cup 2006 Final

World Cup TV Schedule

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World Cup TV schedule at I’m predicting Germany over Portugal in the consolation final – now that Brazil’s out, who really wants to see the French win?  Go Italy!

Alumni Game

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The Greenall Alumni Soccer Game has been bumped back to Friday June 16, from June 9, due to weather.  6 pm Emerald Park Field Friday June 16, all welcome.  Bring $5 for a couple burgers and pop and support the soccer team, old and new.